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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Top 10 "GAY" Celebrities

See if you can find the common denominator.

#1: Rock Hudson

Hudson was born in Winnetka, Illinois, the only child of telephone operator Katherine Wood and auto mechanic Roy Harold Scherer, Sr., who abandoned the family during the depths of the Great Depression. (Source)

#2 Raymond Burr

When Burr was six, his parents divorced. Burr's mother moved to Vallejo, California, with him and his younger siblings, Geraldine and James. His father remained in New Westminster. (Source)

#3 Barry Manilow

Barry did not really know his biological father and at age 13 he legally changed his last name to his mother’s maiden name of Manilow. (Source)

#4 Rupert Everett 

US Weekly 1997: "Was your father away a lot?" Everett: "When I was very little he was. I come from a very, very conventional military, naval [family)." Everett left home when he was 16 and supported himself by prostitution. (Source)

#5 Anderson Cooper

Cooper's father suffered a series of heart attacks while undergoing open-heart surgery, and died January 5, 1978, at the age of 50. Anderson was only 11 years old. (Source)

#6 Elton John

With Stanley Dwight, Elton's father, uninterested in his son and often physically absent, John was raised primarily by his mother and maternal grandmother. When his father was home, the Dwights would have terrible arguments that greatly distressed their son. When John was 14, they divorced. (Source)

#7 Dan Savage

Savage: "My Father and I never got along. I was always a momma's boy. I realized I was a homosexual by the time I was a young teen and when I went to come out to my parents my father divorced my mother and so I didn't want to heap more stuff on her so I left it until I was in my late teens and then I came out to her." Dan's mother then went into shock, called up her priest for council who then confessed to her that he was also "gay" according to Savage. (Source)

#8 Ricky Martin

His parents divorced when he was two years old and Martin spent much of his childhood shifting between his father's home in the suburbs of University Gardens, a suburban middle-class neighborhood of San Juan, and his paternal grandmother's house. Martin received his musical inspiration from the side of his family which was musically inclined... his mother's.

#9 Alan Cumming

In his autobiography Not My Father's Son, Cumming describes emotional and physical violence his father inflicted on him in childhood. His mother found it impossible to obtain a divorce until she was financially independent. Cumming said that after he reached his early 20s, he did not have any communication with his father until just before the filming of his episode of the series Who Do You Think You Are? He then found out that his father had believed that Cumming is not his biological son. Later, Cumming and his brother took DNA tests that proved they were indeed his biological children. (Source)

#10 George Michael

When asked in a 2004 GQ interview about the nature versus nurture argument re how a person becomes homosexual he replied: "In my case it was a nurture thing, via the absence of my father who was always busy working. It meant I was exceptionally close to my mother." (Source)

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