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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Joe Arpaio Launches Senate Bid - Minutes Later Democrat Party Hits Panic Button!

On Saturday evening's edition of FNC's "Justice with Judge Jeanine," former Westchester County, NY District Attorney and judge Jeanine Pirro asked one of her guests whether or not he had "ever seen a 'long-form,'" undoubtedly referring to the "long-form birth certificate" of former White House occupant Barack Hussein Obama.


Clearly the issue of Obama's credentials, which [former] Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County claims is a total fabrication and has a "warehouse" full of evidence to prove it, is still a hot-button issue that seems to never go away. Today, the former Sheriff announced he is running for one of the upcoming Senate seat elections and within minutes the Democrat Party official email sender-outers launched a panicked response urging those on said email list to send in money to begin the fight! Yes, that's right, "Our work starts now" reads the email:

Earlier today, Joe Arpaio announced that he is running for Senate in Arizona.

You may remember Joe Arpaio for his human rights abuses as a sheriff in Arizona. Or perhaps you remember him from when he was convicted of a criminal offense related to his long history of racially profiling Latinos. Or you might remember when his friend Donald Trump pardoned him for his crime. 

We stopped one bigot from getting elected in Alabama last year -- now we need to put just as much vigor behind stopping Arpaio. He should never be put in a position of power to discriminate against anyone ever again.

Our work starts now. Chip in $3 to fight back against Arpaio and other Republicans like him.

So, according to this email, Joe Arpaio was the catalyst which caused them to finally begin work? I'm probably making too much of the wording here but there really does seem to be the stench of fear in this one. Look out George Soros! The Sheriff's coming for you! 

With Arpaio out of the way in Arizona the Democrats have an easier time of perpetuating the generational criminality which keeps their base alive - illegal immigrants and voter fraud. Hopefully the Trump machine will get behind the Arpaio bid. Stay tuned!

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